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Music - An Integral Part of Academics at GC

Researchers tout many statistics that proclaim music should be an integral part of academics in a student's learning. At GC, we offer age-appropriate music classes beginning in PK3 Early Childhood music and culminating in Grade 12 with a competitive choir. Music is a required subject through grade 8 and is designed to take into consideration the developmental age of the student. Instruments, vocals, and choreography are used in keeping with biblical modeling. Both worship and music enjoyment are emphasized throughout the program. In competitive choir, students learn site reading, vocal parts, and perform with excellence.  Students also perform in the community when opportunities arise. After-school piano and vocal lessons can also be facilitated through our music program, for those interested.

In recent years, our High School Choir students have not only received the highest accolades through the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS), but also work closely with the GC Theatre Arts Department to help train and prepare upper level students to perform in crowd-pleasing musicals. 

If your child loves music and Christian environments, GC is a great place to be.