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Preparation for Life

The secondary program (Grades 7-12) at GC is designed to offer excellence in academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities, preparing students for a Christ-centered successful life as a young adult. The engaging curricular program includes English, history, language, mathematics, science and fine arts. The program also includes required and elective courses, physical education or sports, visual and performing arts, dual credit college classes, and optional extracurricular activities. They are balanced programs that equip our students for the mission of building His kingdom and in leading others.  

Our small class sizes enable teachers to know and invest in student success. Several secondary teachers have been serving at GC in excess of 30 years. Activities like “Be My Witness Day” build character through hands on serving community organizations, meeting practical needs for them. On Thursdays, students gather for chapel where they participate in student-led worship and hear from speakers from partner churches and other Christian groups around the community. 

Our Dual Credit program is available to high school-aged students and is in partnership with Paris Jr. College. Some of our GC instructors are also professors at PJC Greenville Campus. Email for more information.

The Home School Partnership program is also offered to grades 9-12. Students wanting to transfer-in to full time high school enrollment at GC from full time home will want to speak with administrators about graduation requirements and comparable credits. 

The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) is the governing body for both athletic and academic competitions at GC. Over the past few years, GC has ranked among the top in academics, arts, and athletics for our district.

Field trips to theaters, museums, the Sulphur River, and other educational places enhance learning opportunities, and students enjoy both an 8th grade trip to central Texas and the capital and a 12th grade trip to a destination of their collective choice. The latest destinations for senior trips have included Orlando, Colorado, Washington DC, New York, and Puerto Rico. The trips are primarily paid for through class fees collected annually beginning in Kindergarten and through collective class fund-raising. Parents and teachers help with chaperoning trips. 

Other student activities enhance the enjoyment of high school, such as student-led Homecoming week activities, class-sponsored dances, and other events. GC also has campus student organizations such as the Student Council and National Honor Society.

Secondary students who are interested in making an application are invited to shadow another student for a day. Please email to pre-schedule a shadow day or a school visit.