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We want you to have an idea about how the process of admissions will go, so we've provided the steps below. It begins with making an informed decision. We are happy to provide additional information upon request.

Learn about Greenville Christian School.

We encourage you to look over this entire website with the future in mind. Call the office, and ask your questions. We'll be happy to give you a tour of the campus by appointment and arrange for you to meet your child's potential teacher(s). Like us on Facebook to get a taste of school life. Read over the student handbook. There are standards of behavior and academics that must be met for both admission and to maintain enrollment. At this time, we cannot accommodate significant learning differences. We offer referrals to a local Christian education program that accommodates learning differences. 

Visit Us.

You can either schedule a tour, or you can join us at one of our Meet GCS events, usually scheduled for January and April. We'll give you in depth information about the school, what the school offers, our biblical life application, what a day looks like, and what additional services we offer. If your student is in Grade 5 or older, they may elect to participate in a Shadow Day where they attend classes for a half or full day at GCS and are paired with another student to be their pal for the day.

Make Application.

All applications are done online. Apply by clicking here on this link.  

Here are some things to consider:

- Your student will be loved, prayed for, and encouraged. We know every child as an individual in our GC EagleNation community. 

- Our community is one of cooperation between students, families and staff with the goal of creating a successful outcome for every student.

- Two requirements for admission are: for at least one parent/guardian to be a Christian that is devoted to following Christ and integrates their Christian faith into their everyday personal, professional and family lives; and secondary applications require student character references as well as input from the student. Applications are now online

- Families making application are expected to be active members of a church. We are Christian community, and the church is a central part of our lives.

- A note about students who will be transferring from another school:  Generally speaking, students who are suspended from another school or who have been in legal trouble or are currently violating Greenville Christian School policies are not eligible for admission. School community is very important to our families, and cooperation is key to an environment that supports learning.

Schedule Assessment.

Beginning with admission to Kindergarten, prospective students will take an academic assessment test so that we can best determine appropriate placement. Testing results will be discussed with the family, the related administrator and the related faculty (if needed) so that your child can achieve his/her personal best.
An in-depth conversation will help both the school and the family determine if we are a good fit for a partnership. Prospective families and students will interview with the Head Administrator and a Director to discuss the student's needs, the family's expectations, faith, church affiliation and attendance, academics, leadership, and the reason enrollment is desired.

Discover Status.

If there is agreement between the Head Master, the Board of Directors, and the family, the student(s) will be presented to the Admissions Committee for acceptance. In most cases, the family will be notified within a few days of the interview.

Attend Classes

The GC academic year runs on a four quarters schedule, rather than six-week increments. Based on space, testing, and partnership agreement, new students are accepted, generally, through the week following Spring Break.