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The basic enrollment process is fairly simple and straightforward: apply online, test (depending on age), meet with the leadership who will recommend you for acceptance for enrollment. In a more holistic look, the recommended enrollment process is below:

  1. Pray. 
    We realize private education is an investment for families, and the choices families make may affect other financial choices, so much consideration and prioritization should be given. We recommend families seek God's direction and purpose for them and their children. We've already been praying about our school community and for new families who will be added.
  2. Discover. 
    Comb our website. Click here to to complete an “inquiry” request for more information. Tour the school. Get to know us, and see if we could become good partners in your child's education. Parent partnership is a valuable component to successful private education.
  3. Apply. 
    Click here to complete our online application. There is an application fee requested for payment just before submission of the application. When completed, our office will receive the application by email. If there are questions about completing the application, email .
  4. Test. 
    Students K-12 will take an academic evaluation to determine if they are performing at and can learn at grade level. In early childhood classes and some early elementary grades, a portion or all of the test will be oral. For PK3 and PK4 students, a teacher will call you, the parent, to get to know your student better through you.
  5. Interview.  
    An interview with your family will be conducted by our Head Administrator and a member of our Board of Directors. Parents will be asked about their faith in Christ, their salvation experience, and their church involvement. The school's leadership will also be interested in the prospective family's hopes and expectations from the school experience. Families will have an opportunity to ask questions, also, to help determine if they feel the school is a good fit for their family. If the enrollment request involves a secondary students (grades 7-12), they will be asked to be part of the interview.
  6. Enroll. 
    When families are approved for enrollment, they will be provided with a school supply list and the link to the school handbook. Next they will visit our Finance Director to determine payment options. For newly enrolling high school students, information may be needed in advance about current and needed credits.