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PK3 - Kindergarten

No one delights in our PK3-Kindergarten students more than we do, except God and grandparents!

Parents love our Early Childhood program's structure that incorporates age-appropriate academics into play, experience, and discovery. Biblical truths infiltrate learning, perspective, and character building. 

The curriculum is biblical-based and sets the stage for early elementary learning. Don't be surprised to see baby farm animals, giant toads, dads dressed for career day, and more. Children learn Bible verses and praise songs. The library is hands-on learning and developing an appreciation for reading and literature. Music is exploratory with instruments and songs. Children attend PE with structured games and have free play at recess as well. Active bodies and minds rest in the afternoons before class is dismissed. Smaller playground equipment is available for smaller bodies.

Learning letters and numbers is tactile, written and visual. Few electronics are utilized. Students will learn fine motor skills, like holding pencils properly and learning left-to-right progression for reading. Socially, students will learn how to work in groups, as well as one-on-one problem solving, and much more.

For PK3 and PK4, both three and five day options are available. Early childhood students eat lunch together, and some also attend whole-school events like pep rallies and chapel. Children must be potty-trained to be accepted for enrollment. Early childhood classes have restrooms that are adjacent to their main classroom for easy supervision.

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