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Distinctly Christian

Greenville Christian School delivers private education services to children of Christian parents. Our academics are taught with a biblical worldview by qualified Christian teachers. Because we serve Christian families exclusively, we have a distinctly Christian school community. 

For us, “Christian” is not a default word for “not another religion”. It means that we believe through faith that Christ died for our sins, was raised from the dead, and lives today with our Father in heaven. As a result of this life-centering belief, we follow Christ and His teachings. We love hard, pray often, serve and support each other, learn a lot, and we realize you have entrusted your most precious treasure to us to educate. We believe two important aspects of a Christian's life are being involved in a local church and striving to grow in spiritual formation every day. Click here to read our Statement of Faith.

The school was founded in 1976 by parents from a variety of churches and denominations and was governed then, as it is today, by an elected board of directors. Today, the school remains unaffiliated with a church or a denomination and is supported primarily through tuition and fees, which provides us with freedom from government restraints to express our faith openly and let biblical truth permeate our academics, our practices, our policies, and our attitudes.

Parents and students can expect a community primarily made up of church-involved families, faculty, and staff.  Classes are small with an average student:teacher ratio of 16:1. Pre-school class ratios are even smaller. Biblical history and truth permeate our academics as well as our community, as we strive for excellence to honor our Father. 

The mission of Greenville Christian School is to equip the children of Christians with excellent academics, biblical life application and leadership skills to excel throughout their lives. It is our prayer and intent that students and alumni of GCS succeed in their personal and professional Christ-centered lives, and they influence the world through their knowledge, service, talents and resources.

We value families of all ethnicities and enjoy the rich flavor of cultural differences. Our current student population represents more than 60 churches and 15 communities. If we sound like a school your family would love, join us for a tour to learn more about Greenville Christian School by emailing 


Class Sizes 7-24
Student:Faculty  12:1
Classes Offered:  PK3 - Grade 12
Enrollment: Early Childhood (PK3 - Kinder 71), Elementary (Grades 1-6) 119, Secondary (Grades 7-12) 113
SAT/ACT Score Avg:  1140/25

Click to access our full Annual Report for 2022-23.

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