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When we say Greenville Christian School partners with Christian families, we mean it literally. In any viable partnership, both parties are committed. Parents and Administrators sign a Partnership Agreement that is a commitment between the school and the student's family. 


The mission of Greenville Christian School is to equip children of Christians with excellent academics, biblical life applications and leadership skills so they are prepared to excel through their lives.


It is our prayer and intent that students and alumni of GCS succeed in their personal and professional Christ-centered livesm and they influence the world through their knowledge, service, talents and resources.


Excellent Academics:

  • Provide an excellent academic curriculum that is both dynamic and stimulating
  • Teach students the principles of responsibility, service, achievement, and success
  • Ensure students are in a safe and nurturing environment with a sense of belonging so they can focus on learning
  • Freshen our knowledge about our areas of curriculum on a frequent basis through training, research, and sharing
  • Provide students with many experiential learning opportunities
  • Partner with parents by listening, communicating well, and by connecting them to information, resources, and each other
  • Provide services and concurrent college classes that generate a wide variety of opportunities for students desiring to continue their education after high school


Biblical life applications:

  • Develop knowledge of Scripture and its life applications on an ongoing basis
  • Integrate scripture into academics and activities in an interactive manner to instill a Biblical Worldview
  • Integrate scripture, its life application and accountability into the classroom and all other extra-curricular activities to develop Christian character
  • Worship together on a regular basis
  • Serve together on a regular basis and encourage individual service
  • Pray for students and each other, knowing God will accomplish His purposes and bless each student who is in our care
  • Interact as a peaceful community of believers who encourage, respect and challenge each other to grow


Leadership skills:

  • Prepare students to be responsible with their influence and to use their personal leadership skills
  • Provide opportunities for students to act leaders who are accountable
  • Teach ethical leadership skills and decision-making
  • Mentor students and teach them to also become mentors
  • Cultivate student body leaders to represent the school by serving in leadership positions within the school and in the community, representing the school


Healthy organization:

  • Elect a board of directors and hold them accountable for effective governance
  • Provide responsible, capable and ethical administration
  • Maintain a healthy brand and communicate it for the purpose of developing relationships
  • Maintain accountability for finances and financial reporting
  • Develop financial, in-kind, and volunteer  resources that support the school’s administration and mission
  • Maintain healthy and involved alumni organization
  • Develop Eagle Nation as a tight-knit school community that loves fiercely, serves each other well, celebrates together and maintains a deep since of loyalty and support for the school and its mission
  • Develop and maintain key community relationships
  • Maintain facilities in a manner that is keeping with brand
  • Maintain accountability in keeping with accomplishing the stated mission and all areas of implementation

We ask the parent's to take a significant role in the partnership by being knowledgeable about the mission, the vision, the statement of faith, the school’s role and to agree to work together in a cooperative manner to accomplish these goals.

Excellent academics:

  • Help your child achieve excellence in academics and extra-curricular activities by remaining knowledgeable about your child’s academic activities, homework, progress, grades, and accomplishments
  • Reinforce academics at home, as needed, by checking homework, discussing and reinforcing subject matter, and ensuring the student does his/her own work
  • Work with both the child and his/her teacher when the student fails to perform well.
  • Collaborate with teachers to help develop the child’s grit, perseverance, character, critical thinking, and/or changes priorities or strategies, thus learning the foundation of long-term success.
  • Ensure your child is physically ready to learn (well-rested, well-nourished, etc.)
  • Develop healthy respect for authority, the classroom environment, and school property
  • Ensure your child is in regular attendance and on time, thereby making school a priority
  • Attend Eagle Nation performances, competitions, exhibits, field trips and other academic activities
  • Teach commitment, responsibility and dependability
  • Support the teacher and administration when consequences are imposed for failing to meet an established standard.
  • Support the integration of the Bible as a guide to our Biblical Worldview which permeates all academic subjects


Biblical Life Application:

  • Read and agree with the school’s Statement of Faith, respecting denominational and doctrinal differences taught at home and at church
  • Model and encourage a close relationship with Christ and Christian character
  • Reinforce the development of a child’s faith by drawing connections between relationship with Christ, knowledge, spiritual truths, character, wisdom, and life choices
  • Live as peacemakers among the Eagle Nation community by modeling respect, conflict resolution, discretion, and self-control
  • Model and support your child’s sensitivity be influenced by the Holy Spirit to produce in them love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control
  • Exhibit Christian character at home, in the community, on the job, at school, at all school activities, and competitions
  • Attend a church and participate in its ministries and Christian community
  • Where two parents reside in the household, they must be a legally married man and woman
  • Support the school, its mission and community through regular prayer

Leadership Development:

  • Develop your child’s Christian character through encouragement, consequences and the teaching of traits that are worthy of respect: honesty, integrity, dependability, respectful attitude, humble, thoughtful, kind, helpful, seekers of truth, merciful, peacemakers, pure in heart, initiative, responsible, encourager, strong and wise. These qualities and traits will be displayed through his/her choices at school and in his/her social lives as they move toward and into adulthood.
  • Support and develop the student’s understanding that leadership is influence, and we are called as Christians to influence our world through our Christian character, our service and our faith.
  • Support the school when consequences are administered to help develop Christian character.
  • Encourage your child to push past unhealthy limits, and risk both success and failure so that they will develop confidence, grit, wisdom and tenacity, and an understanding of human dynamics
  • Support the integration of your child’s faith into his/her decision-making


Healthy Organization:

  • Be knowledgeable of the student handbook and support its content and policies
  • Become knowledgeable of the policies and activities of the school board, and support them and their decisions as governing representatives
  • Support the policies and decisions of our administration and faculty
  • Support the financial health of the organization by adhering to your financial obligations in a timely manner and by assisting with fund-raising that supports the school and student activities.
  • Volunteer to support your child’s teacher, school organizations, extra-curricular activities and other activities as needed.
  • Grant permission for the use and reproduction of any and all photographs or videos of my children or family taken by any person authorized by GCS, for purposes that are in keeping with the school’s mission, promotion or organizational health.
  • Become an active member of the corporate body of Greenville Christian School and Eagle Nation.