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While public education is free, schools funded by the government are also under mandates, agendas, guidelines and restrictions which, in some cases, contradict a biblical worldview.  These restrictions are the reason this school exists as the founders believe an education void of God and a biblical worldview is not one that is founded on central unchanging truths which bring clarity to all knowledge.

Because Greenville Christian School is a private 501(c)3 organization, we are governed by an elected Christian board of directors who ensures the school's mission is achieved and establishes policies and guidelines that support integrity and success. The school's mission is clear, biblical, and simple: to equip the children of Christians with excellent academics, biblical life application and leadership skills to excel throughout their lives.

GC families consider tuition an investment in an education partnership they can trust, one that supports the development of their child into a young adult that posses knowledge based on biblical truth.  This biblical worldview, rather than a secular one, provides clarity, context and purpose to the students' education, and to their lives as followers of Christ. Just as rich as the education is the Christian community that supports, enhances and undergirds students' school and social experiences.

In order to provide access to Christian education to as many Christian families as is possible, our tuition and fees are kept as low as possible. Associated costs are highly competitive with NE Texas area Christian Schools. Payments may be made monthly, by semester, or by quarter whatever is best for your family.

While we do not have scholarships, we do provide discounts to pastors. Other tuition assistance may be available to qualified applicants while funds are available. Applications are accepted on an annual basis for tuition assistance.  

Check out the link below for Tuition and Fees for this school year and next. Please contact our Finance Officer to help you calculate monthly payments.

2022-23 Tuition and Fees (Fees will be prorated for mid-year enrollment)
2023-24 Tuition and Fees

Special rates: 

  • Full-time Pastors receive a 40% discount.
  • For large families, the limit is paying tuition on the 3 concurrently enrolled students enrolled. Families pay no tuition, only fees, on the fourth child concurrently enrolled and beyond.
  • Families who apply for and  receive financial assistance may receive as much as a 40% discounted rate in tuition. Applications are reviewed by a committee and are granted assistance based on need and the availability of financial assistance funds (which are donated).
  • Enrolled families who make referrals resulting in enrollment qualify for tuition credits through the Eagle Ticket program. Inquire in the office for more information.