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Greenville Christian School is offering a “Homeschool Partnership Program” for Homeschool students in grades 9 – 12.  GC is looking to partner with “Christian” families.  Homeschool students who are accepted into Greenville Christian School will have the opportunity to take high school courses for credit.  Classes will be offered to any Homeschool student who has a transcript that shows they have completed at least the 8th grade.  A Homeschool student may only take a maximum of Four (4) classes per academic year and will not be able to earn a diploma or participate in graduation exercises through the Homeschool Partnership Program.

Process for Enrollment

  • Homeschool family applies online, paying the $75 application fee. See the "apply" button on the homepage.
  • Student completes testing, and be on grade level, to be eligible for classes.
  • Family interviews with the Head Administrator.
  • Family accepted through the Admissions Committee and the Board.
  • Family pays a once-a-year $100 Enrollment Fee.
  • Student and Parent will sit down with High School Principal to determine classes for which the student is eligible and options available.

Course Tuition and Fees

Science Courses:  $1375 per course/year
All other Courses: $1300 per course/year

Capital Improvement: $240/one-time per year
Building Use Fee: $75 per class/year
Security Fee: $120/year

Sports Fee: (if needed) $300 for year ($400 if football)

Courses Available  

  • Science:  Biology, Integrated Physics/Chemistry (IPC), chemistry, Dual Credit Biology, physics
  • Math:  Algebra 1, geometry, Algebra 2, pre-calculus, calculus, Senior Math Prep, Dual Credit College Algebra
  • History:  World Geography, World History, Dual Credit US History, government, economics
  • English:  9th English, 10th Regular English, 10th Honors English, 11th Regular
  • English, 11th Honors English, 12th Regular English, 12th Dual Credit English
  • Bible: Bible 9, Bible 10, Bible 11, Bible 12
  • Spanish: Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3

Dual Credit Courses

Dual Credit courses are offered on the GC campus through Paris Junior College (PJC).  Any tuition and fees for a Dual Credit course will be paid by the Homeschool family directly to PJC along with regular course tuition to GC.  A student will also take the Accuplacer test at PJC for admission in to a DC class.  A student must be classified as a Junior to be eligible for Dual Credit Courses.

·         US History 1301: 3 hours
·         US History 1302:  3 hours
·         Biology 1406:  4 hours
·         Biology 1407:  4 hours
·         English 1301:  3 hours
·         English 1302:  3 hours
·         College Algebra:  3 hours


Any student who is a participant in the GC Homeschool Partnership Program will be held accountable to the GC Handbook and discipline policy.  Any student who is taking multiple courses, and will have more than two periods off between those classes, will be expected to either be picked up by a parent or drive home. 


The GC athletics program is governed by the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS). A Homeschool Parthership student “may” be eligible to compete on GC school athletic teams if they are enrolled in at least Four (4) “Academic” classes.  The definition of an “Academic” class is any course where the grade will count toward the students GPA – those classes would include:  bible, history, science, math, English, and Spanish.