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Students take Leadership Development as Juniors. The objective of the Leadership Development class is to grow a students’ awareness of their own abilities and influence, and to equip them with the knowledge of foundational principals of leadership and personal experience in project leadership. Both are geared toward preparation for life after high school. The class is designed to encourage students to see beyond their current limited experience and view of themselves and prepare them to be used by God in surprising ways.
“21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” – John Maxwell
“21 Most Important Minutes in a Leaders Day” – John Maxwell
“Life Planning” – Michael Hyatt
Strengths Test through Strengths Finders
Project Curriculum developed through experience and multiple sources
Curriculum Implementation:
  • The principles of the “21 Laws” will be taught through lecture, journaling and scenarios by instructors (sometimes guests) who are experienced in leadership.
  • Strengths Test will be taken at the beginning of the semester and referred to throughout the course
  • Projects will be introduced at the beginning of the semester and due near the end of the semester. (Details below).
  • Instructors will collaborate with other teachers to make the leadership study interdisciplinary
  • “21 Minutes” provides an analysis of biblical leaders, their skills, strengths, successes and failures and God’s role in their lives
Each student will:
-          choose a problem they wish to solve, in society, in business, in an organization, at the school, at church, at home
-          thoroughly research the problem
-          thoroughly research solution ideas
-          narrow down the solution to a choice with a goal
-          secure the help of a non-parental mentor for the duration of the project
-          create a strategy with an associated timeline to implement the solution
-          implement the solution
-          report progress and mentor contacts (weekly)
-          manage complications and challenges, and adjust strategy accordingly
-          complete the solution (including distribution when appropriate)
-          analyze results/impact
-          continue project to achieve goals or move past goals
-          create a project report with required elements
-          create and deliver a presentation of the project to the GC board of directors
-          create a display of their projects at the annual leadership EXPO
Students will be supported with in-class time for:
-          research
-          writing assignments
-          personal project consultation, support and instructions
-          accommodations

Previous Leadership Projects:


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By Hallie Bench & Kyle Weeks

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Understanding the variety of learning styles, strengths, personalities and difficulties and having helpful tools can help children excel both academically and socially.
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