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Influencing Our World

John Maxwell states that respect is the highest level of leadership. Christ has admonished us to be of good character as is reflective of Him in and to our fallen world. GC partners with parents to develop good Christian character in students, enabling them to often become respected for what is right and good, thus influencing their worlds.

God has created and gifted all of us with specific gifts and talents, equipping us for His work here on earth. GC offers many opportunities for students to develop their gifts and talents as well as the opportunity to be a good team player, a follower when appropriate and a leader when called upon. Prior to graduation, students will participate in a formal leadership class where they will learn more in depth leadership principles, as well as have the experience of leading out in various student activities throughout a semester. The class is taught by a seasoned and successful leader. 

Service Learning

The giving of time, talents and resources develops the GC student’s character through investing in  and helping others. Whether serving each other in our school community, traveling both near and far to offer hands, help and hears, or volunteering through GC’s “Be my Witness” (BMW) program at local community programs, students develop the foundation for a life rooted in serving others to provide them with a boost or time or act of encouragement.  Each year GC students take two days off from curriculum to give of their time in the community in partnership with local non-profit organizations. Beginning their freshman year, students can participate in a domestic mission trip. Last year’s group went to “The Hub” in Shreveport, LA and spent a week assisting in a variety of tasks. Beginning their sophomore year, students can participate in a ten day international mission trip where they partner with a local missions group to serve specific needs. For the past five years, a group of students and sponsors have traveled to the Dominican Republic to work in a special needs orphanage and in an impoverished village of Haitian refugees.