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Laying a foundation for excellent academic outcomes.

Nurturing young lives...GC partners with parents to lay a foundation for success that begins in PK and Kindergarten. Between the ages of five and six, children seem to move through an accellerated maturing process, and it is a key time to set the tone for academics, social skills, and spiritual connections. Young hearts are tender towards God and absorb their environment as well as their new found independence and structure in an educational setting. GC's focus on excellent academics, biblical life applications and leadership skill development sets students on a path to learn how to excel in their Christ-centered lives.  





Get to Know GC Kindergarten Teacher
Mrs. Alison Pike


Years in Education: 10
Years at GC: 1

Graduated From: Texas A&M University (Gig ‘em)

B.S. Interdisciplinary Studies, ESL Certification

ACSI Teaching Certification

Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management


My favorite aspect of GCS is the feeling that faculty, students, and parents are all one, big family. I attended GCS from Kindergarten through 12th grade, so teaching at GCS feels like being home.

I believe in developing the whole student not only academically, but spiritually and socially, as well. I love to anticipate what God has in store for each of my students and then watch God’s plan be fulfilled throughout the year.

Through our Bible curriculum and study of key figures in the Old Testament, I want my students to understand that these people and God’s word in the Old Testament all pointed toward Christ’s coming. We will study Biblical role models who stood apart from the world and set an example for us to follow. The Bible is our guidebook for life and shows God’s love and plan for redemption from beginning to end.

I believe that God has created us as unique individuals (Psalm 139:14) who are each made for a special purpose. Each student has gifts and talents that God has given them. As a teacher, my job is to help my students discover their purpose in God’s world.

I have structured our classroom routines to encourage creativity, learn responsibility, and foster independence, through cooperative learning and developmentally appropriate activities. We work hard and have fun!

I count it a privilege to be able to pour God’s love into my students and help them to discover more about his world. I pray that each child who enters my classroom will feel safe and loved. I will do my best to create a learning environment that glorifies God while helping students reach their academic potential.



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DFree Gville Bike Parade
Grandparents Day
Be My Witness Day
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Eagle Spirit Week
Thanksgiving Chapel
Thanksgiving Feast
Christmas Party
100th Day of School
Valentine's Day
Fast Forward Day
Field Day
Kindergarten Graduation


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Picnic in the Park


P.E. Class
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 Language, Science and
 Social Studies
Purposeful Design for
 Math and Bible