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Simply put, biblical integration in academics is...

Revealing God's truth in every subject. Having this opportunity is the very reason our founders created a Christian education option in our local area, as a resource to Christian families.

The goals of Biblical integration at GC are to help students to know God through the Bible, to develop a growing relationship with him, and to think biblically and critically about every subject. We teach students to think biblically and critically about every aspect of their lives, to see each subject the way God sees it. When students truly understand something from a biblical perspective, they, in turn, will gain a greater understanding of the character or nature of God, or have a greater understanding of how God designed things to be. Christianity is grounded on the basis that truth and knowledge come from God because God is Truth. 

Prayer, Bible study, worship and devotions are necessary and integral parts of a Christian classroom, but alone, do not qualify as biblical integration. Biblical integration is seeing how the topic, subject or incident reveals the character or nature of:

  • God
  • Creation
  • Mankind
  • Moral Order
  • Purpose

Every parent should read the GC Statement of Faith to understand the foundation and perspective with which we will accomplish biblical integration. The result is that students have every opportunity to know God in a meaningful and truthful relationship so that they are prepared to soar in their Christ-centered lives.