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The Board and Administration Announce the Plan for Reopening the School for On-Campus Education
August 19, 2020


After much prayer, research, input and consideration, the leaders of Greenville Christian have decided to open the school for on-campus education at the regularly scheduled date of August 19th. The EagleNation Blueprint for Reopening details the procedures, protocols, and safety measures that will be implemented. Parents are asked to attend an important back-to-school orientation where they will receive relevant information and training to facilitate a successful school year. 

Greenville Christian's goals are to open school on time, August 19th, in a productive, healthy and non-stressed environment and to facilitate an excellent education, continuity of community, and safety for all students and staff. It should be noted that an At-Home Learning option will be available for those families who opt for this program. Our handbook for protocol includes most of the procedures for keeping students and staff as safe as possible. This procedural and somewhat cumbersome document does not indicate that the implementation will have that same feel for students, parents and staff. As mentioned above, we are preparing trainings that will facilitate both safety and an implementation that avoids stress and cumbersome procedure.

PLEASE NOTE that while safety precautions and screenings are necessary, it is likely than an easier and more convenient screening confirmation tool will be implemented rather than the form that is published in the document. It is important to remember that the EagleNation Blueprint for Reopening the Campus for the 2020-21 School year will remain a document that is in process as new information comes to light in this ever-fluid pandemic. Please feel free to message us with your thoughts and questions.

Here is the link to the EagleNation Blueprint for Reopening.