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Greenville Christian School is a work of faith.  It has no single church or group of people on whom it depends for its existence and continuance.  Rather, a number of people and churches have shared in the work of the school as the Lord has enabled them.                               

Tuition and fees are reviewed annually by the School Board, and rates for the coming year are published at the time of re-enrollment.  Every effort is made to keep tuition rates at a reasonable level so that families of limited means are not excluded.  However, tuition and fees are expected to cover the basic expenses of operating the school.  Other elements of a quality school program, such as extracurricular activities, field trips, and equipment must be funded by other means, sometimes by assessed fees or through the systematic giving of parents and friends of the School.  This entails sacrifice, but a worthwhile work of the Lord usually involves costly dedication on the part of His people.  And God has promised to “supply all your needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).

As a Christian institution we sense keenly the duty to meet on time our own financial obligations to staff and vendors.  This is only possible when parents make their tuition payments on schedule.  Monthly payments are due in the school office on the first day of each month, June through May; a late fee is assessed if payment is not received by the 10th of the month.  Families experiencing temporary difficulty in making a payment should contact the school immediately.  For re-enrollment policies and procedures, please refer to the appropriate section of this handbook.

Accounts in arrears will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees; the Board reserves the right to dismiss students when satisfactory arrangements for payments are not forthcoming.  The school reserves the right to retain the student’s cumulative records when funds are in arrears until payment has been received.  Accounts must be current at the start of each semester in order to start school on those dates.


Tuition paid during June, July and August is non-refundable, even when the student does not attend any days of school.  Extenuating circumstances permit an appeal to the Board.  Tuition refunds are typically made only if the family is moving out of town, or when serious illness or injury makes it impossible for the student to attend GC.  Registration and resource fees may be refunded prior to June 1.


A Tuition Assistance Fund has been established to assist qualifying families.  The School Board intends that no family committed to Christian education be denied that opportunity because of financial need. The distribution of monies within this fund is dependent upon the amount available in this account on an annual basis.  Families requiring assistance should make application on forms available through the school office during the application period. Tuition assistance is granted on an annual basis by a tuition assistance committee.  You must re-apply each year if assistance is needed. Financial assistance is available to those who demonstrate actual need without regard to nationality, gender, God-given race, color or ethnic origin.  Tuition assistance will be withheld if an outstanding balance remains from the previous year.  The assistance will go into effect when the account is current.


Parents can earn tuition credit through referrals when a new family returns an Eagle Ticket with the referring family's name attached to each student application. Click here to see specfics.