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The Parent-Teacher Fellowship is an organization of parents and teachers working to promote welfare in home, school, church, and community.  It is the desire of this organization to bring into closer relationship the home and the school, so that parents and teachers may partner in the training of the child.  It is also the desire of this fellowship to seek divine guidance in supporting our children’s education so they may have the highest advantages in physical, mental, moral and spiritual education.

The objectives of the Parent-Teacher Fellowship are:

  • to acquaint the parent with the philosophy of Christian education and the curriculum of the school,
  • to acquaint both parent and teacher with the importance of recognizing and adequately coping with specifically the emotional, spiritual, and disciplinary needs of the student,
  • to provide an opportunity for parents and teachers to know and have fellowship with each other, and
  • to enable our parents to become acquainted with one another.

The PTF sponsors events such as Teacher Wish Lists, Fall Festival, Teacher Appreciation breakfasts/luncheons, Spring Flowers, and numerous other fellowship and service opportunities. The Parent-Teacher Fellowship is a vital necessity in Christian education.  We learn as we teach both at home and school.  Every GC parent and teacher is automatically a member of the Parent-Teacher Fellowship. To contact officers, find their information in Parents Web.

This year's president, Courtney Blaske wants you to know that PTF is here to develop positive relationships by organizing school-wide activities and seasonal fundraisers that bring EagleNation together! We are always seeking to find parents who would like to get involved with events, help develop amazing relationships between teachers and parents and serving on the PTF staff.  Courtney's phone number is available in the Parents Web directory, and she welcomes your call or e-mail to


2018-2019 PTF Officers

President-Courtney Blaske
Vice President- Casandra (Cassi) Daniels
Treasurer- Deborah Guthrie
Secretary- Ivonne May
Chaplain- Paula Morgan
Teacher Representative-TBD
Other Active Members:
Heather Dixon, Ashlea Stacy, Gaberiela Jackson, Lauren Hudgeons, Sarah Valverde, Tiffany Feezel and Tisha Frisbee
First Day Aug 19