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Competitive Communications is not like any other class at GCS. This class is specifically focused on competition. It is also not specific to one subject. It is more like a sampler platter of multiple communication subjects.  They do a little bit of everything. Students are trained in interpretive speaking, persuasive speaking, and a lot of acting techniques in preparation for the TAPPS Speech Meet in the Spring. It is not a traditional drama class where the class would get to dive into costumes, sets, technical elements, full length plays, etc. We focus solely on the performer's communication with the audience (i.e. voice, posture, body language, and character development). Each student chooses their own piece to perform (individually or with a partner) at TAPPS. The teacher often works one-on-one with students, so it is much like having a private lesson in acting/speaking.  Through this class, many students have overcome their fears of public speaking and have become all-round better communicators. 

Greenville Christian School’s Academic Team ranks 5th in State

The Greenville Christian School Academic Team recently competed at the TAPPS 2A State Championship at the Convention Center in Waco, Texas.  Twenty-one schools from across the state competed against GCS in numerous events.  Following the preliminary rounds, all GCS students advanced for the final competitions in their respective fields.  Members of the Academic Team are seniors Bailey Swanson, Brooklyn Seward, and Marissa Hauser; junior Kyle Wittmer; sophomore Ryan Blazier; and freshmen Amber Guthrie and Quinn Morgan.  At the conclusion of the final round, State awards were given to Bailey Swanson and Marissa Hauser both receiving 1st place, Swanson for prose interpretation and Hauser for original oratory.  Kyle Wittmer was awarded 3rd for solo acting as well as 4th place with Brooklyn Seward for duet acting.  Seward also earned a 7th place for her poetry piece.  Amber Guthrie was awarded 6th in poetry and Seward 7th, and Ryan Blazier came home with 6th in State for persuasive speaking. Quinn Morgan completed the school sweep with 8th in solo acting.   Overall, due to the outstanding performances by the GCS Team, the school earned 2nd in State for Speech Completion, and with final scoring from academics, the total ranked the school’s Academic Team 5th in State.  The team’s coach for the past three years has been Mrs. Jen Brown. Under her direction she has formed Team members who are not only well-prepared in their event areas, but also highly competitive amongst all other participating schools.