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STARR Test? No

Private schools aren not allowed to take the STARR test by the State of Texas.

Terra Nova Test -  Yes, ONE indicator of student achievement

Terra Nova is a nationally "normed” test as opposed to the STARR test which is a state "normed” test. GC students’ test scores are compared to other students across the nation who are their age, rather than students just in the State of Texas. Each year we come within 3%of achieving the qualifications of a national Blue Ribbon School, an honor bestowed on only 50 schools across the nation. Terra Nova tests are given in the 4th Quarter without benchmark testing throughout the year. Terra Nova test scores do  not determine whether or not a student passes or fails a grade or graduates. Scores are only one indicator of student achievement. The Terra Nova Test is given to K-Grade 9.


College Board Prep Tests 11th/12th grades - ACT, SAT (SAT is optional)

GC Seniors consistently score higher than the state average on the ACT