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Science is the basis for understanding our physical world. In elementary, Grades 1-4 have "special pull-out' classes during the week, meaning the students will leave their homeroom teacher for a period and go with a science-only teacher to study. Secondary students can take advantage of a science lab to continue a deeper study into EARTH AND SPACE SCIENCES, biology, physics and chemistry. The science curriculum is designed to provoke wonder and inquiry into God's creation and order of our world.

Dual credit Biology provides students with college-level information and credits when the student is concurrentlly enrolled in Paris Junior College. 


For students to be prepared to excel throughout their lives, they will need excellent skills in technology, both practical and conceptual. GC provides computer and software training beginning in PK4. Students in elementary learn the basics to lay a great foundation and then over time advance to game programming and common uses for relevant software. This year's High School classes are learning the following:

  • Technology class focused on foundational computer science concepts and computational practices.  Time will be spent learning both Microsoft and Google Tools.  These tools will be used as we explore various topics in computer science.  
  • Software Productivity Tools - Students will demonstrate proficiency in creating, communicating and collaborating ideas using both Microsoft and Google tools. 
  • Human Computer Interaction - Students will experiment with internet search techniques, explore a variety of websites and web application and discuss issues of privacy and security.  
  • Problem-Solving - Students will be given opportunities to become "computational thinkers" by applying a variety of problem-solving techniques as they create solutions to problems.
  • Web Design - Students will be introduced to planning and creating web pages. 
  • Programming - Students create programming solutions using an interactive development process.