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National Missions

As a Freshman in High School, students become elibilbe for our annual Mission Trip within the United States. Our current destination is Shreveport, Louisiana where we work with The Hub Ministry as volunteers, providing practical hands on assistance with operations and services. Students must apply, interview and be accepted to participate in the week-long trip where they will gain a world of experience and offer love, help and encouragement that supports others in improving their quality of life. The annual trip is usually scheduled in early December.

International MIssions

As Sophomores, students are apply to apply and interview to participate in the annual international missions trip in early December. Students participate in organized hands-on assistance as well as relationship building opportunities with local residents in a foreign country. Past trips have included assisting at an orphanage in Mexico and batays and an orphanage for children with special needs in the Domnincan Republic. This year's annual trip is scheduled for Costa Rica where students will pariticpate in an organized ministry project benefitting local citizens. The international trip offers students with practical experiencing in helping others while providing them with a broader perspective of the world, other cultures and a different point of view their own lives. Missions and international travel are often a life-shaping experiences.