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With a solid, cohesive and integrated curriculum, GC is dedicated to preparing students at each developmental stage with the building blocks to excel in academics, careers and other roles in life. The lessons learned at GC extend far beyond any classroom, activity or competition by equipping the students with the lifelong skills to think critically, discern truth, and influence responsibly. 

Every facet of academics and community at GC reflects this goal. Our faculty, staff and coaches model it, and the lives of our alumni continue this legacy. Students are challenged academically, spiritually, socially and physically so they are equipped to lead fruitful lives that glorify God. Students are taught that God is the author and creator of all truth, all knowledge and all wisdom. All aspects of a student's life are provided to foster personal spiritual growth, compassionate human outreach and strong leadership development. 

Our curriculum not only meets, but also exceeds state standards. Since we do not "teach to the test", we are able to build great minds, minds that have a basis of knowlege, can solve problems, draw conclusions,  and have solid great problem solving skills. In addition, our students know how to access knowledge from a variety of sources, share information, and work in teams. As a result, we are able to develop problem solvers and critical thinkers. Because students learn to work independently and in teams, in a variety of settings, they become productive followers and effective leaders. 

Yes, we learn multiplication tables.
Yes, we learn and practice cursive writing.
Yes, we learn how to spell correctly. 
Yes, we learn God's truth and how to measure all knowelge against this plumb line.
Yes, we are innovators and creators.
Yes, we perform exceptionally well in academics.

Yes, we teach our students to soar, in today's world and beyond so they are equipped to honor their God-given legacy with their minds and their lives.