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Every year the week after Spring Break...

High school students experience Enrichment Week and have the opportunity to learn or experience something out of the academic norm that peaks their interest. Students sign up on a first-come, first-served basis for their preferred topic, and the ritual of lining up in the wee hours of the morning before sign-up day has become a fun tradition. This year’s Enrichment Week offerings include:

Cooking 101- Homemade pasta, breads, sweets

Picture This- The art of photography with 35mm film

Movie Making - Storyboarding, shooting and production

Handy Manny- Home repair and improvement skills

Intro to Archeology - Discovering fossils and artifacts

Just Plane Fun - Flight school with a real plane

Upcycling & Bird Houses- The art of making beauty from "trash"

Prop-Ability- Beauliding props for Drama Productions

Once Upon A Time-Lessons in the fine art of storytelling

Extreme Week- Spend the week doing extreme sports

Art History and Appreciation- Visit 6 Art Galleries in one week!