Greenville Christian School


Our Philosophy


The Bible is the inerrant Word of God, inspired by God. Therefore, we explore scripture with students and pray daily, asking for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in teaching spiritual truths to our students in order to help them develop a relationship with Christ and to build a foundation for their lives founded in knowledge, wisdom and truth.

Knowledge through academics based in Biblical truths is powerful in a Christian’s life. Therefore, we create a culture where knowledge is valued and students are motivated to learn; create an environment where children are engaged, stimulated, motivated and secure, so learning happens; employ well-qualified staff who provide a safe and nurturing environment that is rich in academics and who utilize a variety of instructional methods to help each child excel in their academic studies; use curriculum that is current and relevant; permeate academics with scriptural truth so that students attain knowledge with a Biblical world view.

Character begins in the heart and is communicated through attitudes and actions.  Therefore, we teach students the Biblical standards of Christian character; partner with parents to develop these Christian character traits; encourage students to trust Christ as their Savior and to invite Him to mature their faith and character; model excellence in workmanship and character; acknowledge and encourage dependence on God for strength and guidance every day to cultivate our hearts and character.

Leadership is influence and, as a Christian, influence comes with responsibility. Therefore, we teach the fundamentals of leadership skills; help students understand influence and its results; develop students’ strengths and abilities to influence through practice; incorporate Christian values into practicing responsible influence; study leaders and their influence and practices; place students in leadership roles, when appropriate to help them mature their leadership skills; develop a strong sense of the skill and model of servant leadership.

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