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The mission of Greenville Christian School is to equip children of Christians with excellent academics, Biblical life applications and leadership skills so they are prepared to excel throughout their lives.

Our Vision

It is our prayer and intent that students and alumni of GCS succeed in their personal and professional Christ-centered lives, and they influence the world through their knowledge, service, talents and resources whether locally or abroad.

Our Strategy

The Greenville Christian School leadership and faculty takes the school's mission to heart with the goal of making our vision a reality. Every year we evaluate our progress and the current strategy in four key areas:

  1. Excellent Academics
  2. Biblical Life Applications
  3. Leadership Skills
  4. Organizational Health


Excellent Academics

  • Provide an excellent academic curriculum that is both dynamic and stimulating
  • Teach students the principles of responsibility, service, achievement and success
  • Ensure students are in a safe and nurturing environment and have a sense of belonging so they can focus on learning
  • Freshen our knowledge about our areas of curriculum on a frequent basis through training, research and sharing
  • Provide students with many experiential learning opportunities
  • Partner with parents by listening, communicating well, and by connecting them to information, resources and each other
  • Provide services and concurrent college classes that generate a wide variety of opportunities for students desiring to continue their education after high school

Biblical life applications

  • Develop knowledge of Scripture and its life applications on an ongoing basis
  • Integrate scripture into academics and activities in an interactive manner to instill a Biblical worldview
  • Integrate scripture and its life application into the classroom and all other extra-curricular activities to develop Christian character
  • Worship together on a regular basis
  • Serve together on a regular basis and encourage individual service
  • Pray for students and each other, that God will accomplish His purposes and bless each student who is in our care
  • Interact as a community of believers that encourages, respects and challenges each other to grow

Leadership skills

  • Prepare students to lead through responsible influence, knowledge, planning, relationships and service
  • Provide opportunities for students to accept responsibility as leaders and practice leadership skills
  • Teach responsible and ethical leadership and decision-making skills
  • Mentor students and teach them to become mentors
  • Cultivate student body leaders to serve in leadership positions in the school and in the community, representing the school

Healthy organization

  • Elect a board of directors and hold them accountable for effective governance
  • Provide responsible, capable and ethical administration
  • Maintain healthy brand through communications, publicaions and personal contact
  • Create accountability for finances and financial reporting
  • Develop resources that support the school’s administration and mission
  • Cultivate lifelong donors who support the school
  • Maintain healthy and involved alumni organization
  • Develop Eagle Nation as a community steeped in tradition with a deep since of loyalty to supporting the school and its mission
  • Implement an excellent communication plan with all constituents
  • Develop and maintain key community relationships
  • Maintain facilities in a manner that is keeping with brand and functional for mission
  • Implement accountability in all areas to ensure brand experience is accomplished