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 Over Three Decades of Christian Service

  A Decade of Vision

 1976 - A group of families seeking to combine academic excellence and authentic Christian principles establishes Greenville Christian School with 56 students enrolled in  Kindergarten to Grade Four.

 1978 - The school adds one grade per year and establishes a unified campus by renting the Educational Building at the former Washington Street Baptist Church.

 1983 - A devasting fire consumes the Washington Street Baptist Church Educational Building.  Undaunted, the school family re-establishes classes at another location in  less than a week, and the first elementary classroom building is built at the School's current location.

 1985 - The first senior class graduates from Greenville Christian School, and the longstanding tradition of a senior class trip begins.

  A Decade of Growth

 1986 - The school's gymnasium is built, and athletic programs become an integral part of student life.

 1988 - GCS receives formal accreditation from the Association of Christian School International (ACSI).

 1989 - A National Honor Society chapter is established on campus, and the surrounding athletic fields are developed.

 1993 - An annex building, providing more classroom space and a new library, is constructed next to the GCS Main School building.

  A Decade of Blessings

             1995 - The Elementary building is purchased and built with phases to add as more classrooms are needed.

 1997 - Student service to the community begins with the Service Learning Project program.

  2004 - The school's missions program, called "Be My Witnesses," adds an annual mission trip, and GCS is awarded Exemplary Status by ACSI.

  2008 - A wing for 5th and 6th grade classrooms is added, as well as secondary and elementary computer labs.

  2010 - 10th through 12th grade students began taking an annual mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

  2011 - GCS robotics team begins competing through B.E.S.T. Robotics Program

  2012 - A new high school science lab and additional restrooms were added in Phase II due to a fundraising banquet that raised over $104,000.

  2013 - 9th through 12th grade stduents began taking annual mission trip to Lovewell in Shreveport, LA.

  2014 - Student Artwork Show began.

  2015 - 10th through 12 grade students began annual mission trips to Costa Rica. Fund-raising began for the Multi-Purpose Activity Center. Middle School and High School Destination Imagination teams advanced to Global competition.

  2016 - The Back-to-School Student Retreat was introduced.