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Greenville Christian School is the Christian families' trusted partner to prepare children grades PK3-12 to excel in their adult lives. The school equips students with excellent academics, biblical life applications, and leadership skills through the lens of the Bible. A culture of excellence and Christ-like character permeates our community-oriented environment as well as our academics, sports and extra-curricular activities. Smaller class sizes allow for personalized attention, and partner classes between younger and older students create mentoring opportunities. Our focus is on experiential learning, critical thinking, responsibility, influence, and living a life grounded in Christian faith. Graduates are prepared through knowledge and experience to excel in influencing their world with their voices, strengths, talents time, and resources. 

Founded in 1976, our school is accredited through the Association of Christian Schools International. All of our core subject teachers are state certified. We do not teach to a test, nor do we use any standardized testing scores to prevent a child from promoting or graduating. The students are not pressured to make high scores, and there is no practice testing and bench marking. We do teach excellence through a full and aligned curriculum. We give the IOWA standardized test late in the spring, and scores are compared to national (rather than state) standards and outcomes. These scores are are one factor in evaluating the school's effectiveness in curriculum, student engagement, instruction, and other areas of learning. 

GCS is a private tuition-based school and, therefore, not bound to the standards or dictates of any government entity. We do, however, abide by the laws of our government as instructed by the Bible, and we value many of the Texas Education Standards and use them, in part, to create standards of excellence to which we measure our education delivery and outcomes. On social matters, as in all matters, we have and teach a biblical worldview. We are on a mission to educate Christian children, so their minds, faith and hearts are prepared to stand strong and accomplish His purposes. 

Our elementary children have time every day for free-play, and we also have additional times of organized P.E. throughout the week.  Our teenagers are respectful, and hard-working. We facilitate self-management and responsibility. We are all part of GC EagleNation, a community of Christians who support an excellent education for our children.



   8420 Jack Finney Blvd., Greenville, TX 75402,   903-454-1111,   fax 903-454-8470