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Purpose. Faith. Knowledge. Clarity. Community. Belonging. Legacy.

A community of faith, growing in wisdom and character, loving one another, and building knowledge based on a foundation of biblical truths: these are the qualities of Greenville Christian School. With class ratios averaging 16:1, your child is known, nurtured, and included. A sense of belonging permeates our days of learning, and excellence is developed through skill, work ethic and detail.  We care that your child grows in knowledge so they find meaning and significance through biblical truth. In a world where "truth" evolves relative to preference and agenda, knowledge attained through clarity in fellowship with God helps students understand their purpose and live well before God and man. Our united goal is to develop graduates that love God with all their mind, soul and strength in collaboration with churches and in partnership with Christian families. We call our community GC EagleNation, and we welcome your visit. 

What's Happening

Easter Break April 10-13

He is risen, indeed! Easter Break means no school work, as we celebrate the miracle of Christ.

Shipley's Sixth Graders Stay Connected online

This pre-pandemic picture is a class project for this year's auction.

Great job, Landon!

Landon stays on top of his Kindergarten assignments at home with Mrs. Pike's and Mrs. Seabolt's ...

Whitney studies moon phases

Mrs. Pike helped Whitney learn about moon phases through online support.

Trevor studies at home

Trevor is studying hard and enjoying his friends with online meetings and games.

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Saturday May 30

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